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Mounting the Tall Sister with a Pole

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It was the Hollyweed night and a group of hard hounds owned by Henning had been assembled before the Marselis-Hall. Someone said that because it was the first winter tour, we should mount the tall sister from behind. One of the new people did not know what the tall sister was, so he were told that it was the one with a tall hard pole on the top.

On the way out to the water cock, the speed was not so great, and on the way out to Mossfarm, I was allowed to run into the foreground. That was very good. I was told, that if I were the first to get on top of the tall sister, I could be allowed to decide the next tour. That made me very excited.

But when we did a hard right turn and began climbing up the hill, all the Kristians and some other people started to run very fast and I could not get enough wind. When I get my next period, I will very much want to be the first to mount the tall sister.

When we all had been winded down next to the tall pole, we started paving the poundment again. Once we got out to the Otherroad, Hellboy frightened the new people by banging a signpost. A little later he said that we should run down the ScaryStoolRoad, but all the ones that had run with much fart did not want to do it anymore, so they became straight. In the end we were only three that became bend and did the hole tour.

It was a very good run, but I do not think, I will like to mount the tall sister again on Wednesday, but I think we can run it again in another afsnit.

Knarf Sleepvalley

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